Relax. Refresh. Renew.

Welcome to The Massage Studio located in beautiful Auburn!

Woohoo! You made it here!

Hi, I’m Tanya and you are going to love me because I am here to make it ALL better for you either by helping you relax or dissolving those pains or both!

Whether you are in deep need of the world to stop so you can take a breath and unwind, or you desperately need to escape the never-ending demands of kids, your partner, or your boss, or you have pain in your body that is keeping you from sleeping and enjoying a full life (I’m so sorry) I will unwind and soothe your body into a perfect state of zen awesomeness.

I’ve been called many things (mostly good, I promise) but in this zone, it’s not unusual for my clients to refer to me as a “body magician”, “pain whisperer” or “body translator”. I like all of those!

My hands are apparently magic in knowing exactly where to find the spots that relieve the most tension, pain, and discomfort, while unwinding and untwisting your body, to bring about the deepest levels of restoration and relaxation.

*breathes out deeply* Ahhhhhhhhh. You’re already starting to relax with me now, right? Even a sigh of relief perhaps? See? I can tell we’re going to work really well together!

What To Expect

When you come in the first time you’ll meet my furry receptionist, Henry The Dog! And then we’ll sit down for a brief Q&A where you fill out one of those typical boring forms for every new client. Except my form isn’t overly nosey and it will probably even make you laugh. You’ll tell me why you are here, which is usually “relax me” or “fix me”, and that becomes our goal together… Well, by together I mean, you just show up and I then do my thing.

My clients typically don’t have to tell me what they are coming in for, your body will tell me exactly what it needs. It’s one of my superpowers to understand the language it speaks and then I just do the work it asks from me. THAT is how we get results whether it’s pain reduction or just sweet, sweet blissful relaxation!

Oh, and I am a natural problem solver… You may have come in because you have a pain in your neck but when I look at your body and my hands ( or elbow or two) start to do their work, I may ask you more questions about your hamstrings because that’s where the actual root cause of the problem is. While other massage therapists will work on the area you tell them is an issue, I let the body tell me what’s really going on so you actually get what you came for. Your body is wicked smart, did you know that? But not to worry, most massages are 70% back and neck focused because in my career I have only met one client who didn’t have back and neck pains.

It's ALL connected and I was BORN for this work!

One of my goals (if you are coming for pain reduction specifically) is that we’ll get through and BEYOND healing the cause of your pain so you can start coming in for massages of the pure relaxation kind! It’s totally possible, I do it all the time. Henry and I high 5/paw when we get you there, you should see my reward star chart lol.

Mild Warning: Don’t be surprised if while we are doing the massage release work, you feel some feels of the emotional kind. The body is super intelligent and it stores emotional “stuff” in the knots and tight areas of the body, so as your muscles start to let go or release, you can release the emotional stuff along with it. It’s kinda cool to see how much healing actually takes place on all levels with this work, and you don’t even have to speak a word if you don’t want to!

Speaking of words though… You are totally allowed to talk my ears off; many people use this time to download while I work my magic and unwind their body. I don’t charge extra for this kind of spontaneous talk therapy, although clients say I should because they feel SO much better when they walk out. Apparently, I’m a wonderful listener and I have a huge tank of compassion, understanding, and empathy so I’m completely here for you.

Zero judgment. Absolute confidentiality *my lips are sealed*.

Now, if you’re a bit on the extra woo side: I’m intuitive and sometimes I get messages from your body that are helpful to you healing and moving forward, so if you give me permission, I’ll happily share those. And if you’re not, keep moving on, there is nothing to see here ☺

At the end of the session, don’t be surprised if I give you some specific stretches, movements, gadgets you can order on amazon, or changes to your lifestyle, home, or work environments. Part of my gift is that I can put myself in your body and KNOW what changes it needs to bring about the most positive change for you. It’s all part of the amazing service you receive here.

So as you can see, you actually get a lot more than “just a massage” when you come here. Check out the various packages and more HERE.


  •   If you want a great massage, Tanya delivers just that!! I've been seeing her on and off for years. She uses just the right pressure & gives tips & recommendations to help you further. Very nice lady!

    thumb Linda S.

      Bought my husband a massage and the owner was wonderful and easy to work with, scheduling it as a surprise for him. He came back very relaxed and said it was a terrific massage. Now I am jealous!

    thumb Becca K.

      Tanya is the only place I go for sports massages. I am an ultra runner and have found significant recovery after visiting.

    thumb Nicholas G.
  •   I have always been very happy with the massage treatment that I have received from Tanya. She has been very helpful with my various back issues on each and every visit. She definitely will discuss my current ailments and then tailors my massage to address them. Along with the excellent treatment she also provides advice on how to continue to achieve relief after treatment. She has also offered insight and instructions on how to avoid causing problems down the road. As a person that has fought various back and neck problems throughout my life I feel lucky to have found Tanya. She has definitely improved my quality of life and I would highly recommend her to anyone that has had back problems or to anyone who just wants a great massage from a nice, honest person.

    thumb Aaron Z.

      Tanya and the Massage Studio are wonderful. Always professional and accommodating to my schedule. Tanya got me back to work after having an injury, she is magic!

    thumb E D.

      Just what I needed.
    I tweeked my back during a camping trip and needed to be pain free for a backpacking trek a week later. I have had this kind of pain before and it usually takes at least a week to start feeling normal. I am new to the area and searched on-line to find someone I felt could help me. I made the right choice. I walked in with pain and unable to take a deep breath. An hour later I was able to move and breath. Tanya listened and used the right amount of pressure in the right spots. She was a delight and her studio is inviting. It is not a big fancy place and I loved that. Everything about my experience was perfect.

    thumb Janna P.

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Every day of the week: 7:30am – 7:00pm

I am available every day of the week with my first appointment starting at 7:30am and the last appointment available starting at 5:30pm (allowing me to end my day at 7pm). My days and hours available can be flexible, if you have a special request to accommodate your lifestyle or need.

I am excited to share my passion for massage with the Auburn community, and look forward to seeing you soon!Tanya