About Tanya

At a very early age I realized I had a passion to help people thru massage. It started when I saw my mom and dad trade massages. My mom would sit in front of my dad on the floor in front of his favorite chair and he would firmly and lovingly massage her shoulders while they talked about plans for their next vacation adventure. Then they would trade places and my mom would pound her fists on my dads back to help release the tension from a hard days work. Soon I asked to join in the fun and we would create a cute little family massage train. I have sweet fond memories of our massage times together ☺ My mom comes to the Massage Studio weekly for a massage. It was only natural that I would find myself longing for more knowledge and training to this wonderful loving way of touching and healing others.

I began training at Healing Arts Institute with classes teaching comprehensive knowledge in classic swedish massage, extensive anatomy and healing touch . The more I studied and practiced, the more I wanted to learn. Always wanting to find more ways to help the body. Now with many classes and various modalities behind me, I find myself seeking more knowledge of how home care can best integrate healing with massage. I find myself continuously taking new classes and workshops to enhance my skills and learn new techniques.

When I am not at The Massage Studio, I can be found using my Poppy pass and exploring the beauty California has to offer. I hike often. Spending time with Henry the dog. I am also a huge fan of the craft beer movement. Riding my bike. I also love spending time at the hot springs.

About the Studio

You will immediately feel the natural healing energy surrounding your body and mind when you enter the Massage Studio sanctuary. Whether you are here for a specific medical condition or just a relaxation massage, you know this is the one place that will make you feel healthy, nurtured, accepted as you are and refreshed all at the same time.

Your comfort is my priority – I have a soft heated table pad, many bolster sizes to choose from and I am able to offer extra blankets at your request. I can use your choice of organic coconut oil (the same used in cooking) or an unscented botanical massage lotion/oil blend or a custom blended essential oil mix and of course CBD oil is always available by request. You are welcome to bring your own lotion if you have topical allergies or specific product you love.

I have a variety of music playlists available and you are encouraged to bring in your own playlist. I can also use Pandora and can put on anything you’d like through there as well. I welcome all genres of music and am also happy to provide a soothing music and talk free massage at your request.

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