About Moi

These things are always soooooo boring so let me share a few interesting tidbits about me.

First of all. I hate driving places (unless it’s a road trip) so it’s a big deal that I get down to Costco once a month for supplies for the studio. I own an electric car. I LOVE concerts and small intimate ones are my favorites. Please introduce me to new music and your favorites.

I LOVE the outdoors!! Hiking, biking, kayaking, SUP and I do yoga regularly too (restorative yoga is my fave). Slow. Me. Down. I may be a little ADHD so I really NEED these things to balance my life! Ending a day outside at a local brewery is a perk of living in Auburn.

I didn’t choose this job/business/purpose, it totally chose me. You know? First of all, I grew up with parents who would massage each other. It was so beautiful to see how they would do that for each other; providing some loving physical therapy to relax after a busy day. That eventually morphed into family massage trains which are one of my fondest memories from childhood. How amazing is that?

But I didn’t go straight into massage even though you’d think it was a totally natural path towards it after that! Noooooo… I had to suffer a freaking brain injury and give up my other career as a wedding make-up artist to find my REAL path. Hello, one of life’s curve balls! And yes, there was ugly crying and running mascara… Ok, moving on!

As a result, I was advised to choose something “calmer”… I mean, what could be more relaxing than painting Bridezilla’s face amidst the flurry of last-minute wedding chaos, an overbearing Mother of the Bride, and then either of them finding one eyelash out of place?!? Ok, ok, maybe not so calm. Pass me a craft beer…

So, I did my official training at Healing Arts Institute with classes teaching comprehensive knowledge in classic Swedish Massage, extensive Anatomy and Healing Touch in 2014, and then dabbled in it for a year. My lack of confidence kind of got in the way (it’s true, I wasn’t always this fabulously confident). I was really afraid I wasn’t good enough… ever felt like that?
It wasn’t until I got divorced that I really HAD to get serious, and I did. I really did. And what do you know, I discovered this innate ability to communicate and work with the body intelligence, and actually understand what it was telling me it needed in order to heal the person on multiple levels (yes, not just physical), AND I discovered my deep passion and purpose in the process. Bonus!!

Can’t get much better than that, right?! Oh, wait, yes it can!

I created an amazing work/balance making me calm AF in the studio, which helps calm the crazy in my clients as soon as they walk in the door and into my cave of relaxed awesomeness! Yes, it’s a thing.
When my hands aren’t doing their magic here, I’m spending time with my partner in crime (not real crime, the LOTS OF LIFE kind of “crime”), enjoying the freedom of being outdoors on new adventures with him and Henry The Dog who you’ll get to meet because he’s a permanent fixture here, and usually, someplace other than here because we LOVE to travel, even locally, to see all the things, explore all the places, meet all the people and eat all the tacos this world has to offer.

That’s about all you need to know about me, the rest you’ll get to know in person when you come in. CONTACT ME to book our first session or even just to have a chat and see if you feel like I’m your gal, the one who can help you and your body feel absolutely amazing!

About Tanya

About the Studio

You will immediately feel the natural healing energy surrounding your body and mind when you enter the Massage Studio sanctuary. Whether you are here for a specific medical condition or just a relaxation massage, you know this is the one place that will make you feel healthy, nurtured, accepted as you are and refreshed all at the same time.

Your comfort is my priority – I have a soft heated table pad, many bolster sizes to choose from and I am able to offer extra blankets at your request. I can use your choice of organic coconut oil (the same used in cooking) or an unscented botanical massage lotion/oil blend or a custom blended essential oil mix and of course CBD oil is always available by request. You are welcome to bring your own lotion if you have topical allergies or specific product you love.

I have a variety of music playlists available and you are encouraged to bring in your own playlist. I can also use Pandora and can put on anything you’d like through there as well. I welcome all genres of music and am also happy to provide a soothing music and talk free massage at your request.