Services and Cost

Relax Me Massage $90

60 minute massage.

Heal Me Massage $90

60 minute massage.

Relax Me Massage $120

90 minute massage. Recommended for first time clients.

Heal Me Massage $120

90 minute massage. Recommended for first time clients.

(6) 60 Minute Massages $450

(6) 90 Minute Massages $600

Your Session

Imagine this… You walk into the massage room, the mood lighting is on point, dim, and calming. You can hear the most amazing zen music playing and your body almost relaxes as you enter the room. You smell the mild scent of oils that let you know it’s time. Time to unwind… Time for just you… Time to let everything go.

You lay on the massage bed, it’s soft and pre-heated so it’s warm and feels like a warm, safe cocoon. Extra blankets are available if you love the weighted feeling and want to feel even more cocooned. Yeah, it’s all part of the service, no extra cost for feeling cozy!

Once we start, I will choose from a mild organic oil, an unscented botanical massage lotion/oil blend, a custom blended essential oil mix or CBD oil which is amazing for pain and is always available (by request only).  Oh and if you have a specific favorite oil or one that is best for your skin if you have allergies, by all means, bring it in and I’ll use that one on you! I especially love using an extra rich luxurious scented lotion on the feet.

I encourage you to let me know if you want your massage harder, softer, or focused on any particular area during the session. It’s your time, you tell me what you want most and I will deliver!

Additional Ways to Earn Free Massages

  • Refer 3 friends, who book a massage, and receive a FREE 60-minute massage.